Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Snapchat Launches New Lenses

According to The Wall Street Journal, on Tuesday, April 18, the photo messaging app, Snapchat, launched an augmented reality feature that allows users to add special effects to the backgrounds of photos and videos they take on their smartphones. Prior to this launch, these features were limited to images of faces. The new lenses include images like rainbows, clouds, hearts, as well as words. The video below shows the new lens features.

Sponsorship of the new lenses could become a new trend in advertising, although currently the company is not selling them. However, they could become a large money maker for Snapchat, as brands paid as much as $750,000 for sponsorship of the selfie lenses.

The selfie lenses that came out last year proved popular for brands such as Gatorade. During the SuperBowl this year, Gatorade sponsored a lens that displayed the sports drink being poured over users' heads in a similar fashion to how the drink is poured over the head of the winning team's coach after the game. Below, professional tennis player, Serena Williams, is pictured using the sponsored lens.

Will the new augmented-reality feature bring in big advertising dollars for Snapchat? Share your opinion on the new feature below.


  1. This is genius on Snapchat's part! No doubt that brands will pay top dollar to sponsor a lens. The possibilities are endless and adaptable to nearly any industry or brand. I'm looking forward to seeing who jumps on this bandwagon first. Great post!

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